Yo no Quiero enamorarme de ti ♪

sábado, mayo 12, 2012

Nobody, loves no one...♪ (that's what I have to keep in my mind, thinking that there's no way to turn back, & I need time, long, long time, being alone &getting clear, closing my heart's eyes to move on :/ I can't  help missing you but I´m gonna be the strong enough to let you go away, because that hurt me so much... i'm still in love with you, please GOD help me, i can't do this alone, I need the  strength to move on, he doesn´t love me, I know it, that's the worst part of it, i want to hate him i want to get him out to me, the time will help in that... I hope it will....  )

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Hola Terrícolas, me encanta leer sus comentarios, eviten los spoilers y sean respetuosos ♥ Me pasaré de vuelta a sus blogs a la brevedad :3