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domingo, mayo 01, 2011

I'm sitting in my chair, with this window open since I turned on the computer. Trying to write sometihng. But i can't. These last days i had tried to write, but nothing happened. There's like a stone in my brain that dont let the words come out. I don't know what's wrong. Sometines i feel that im kinda nothing, i'm just standing here, hearing, watching everything arround, but im like glass, that kind of glass that you don't see while you're walking till you crush on it. And reality crushed on me like if it was big and terrible, i was waiting for a scary and wild reality, everybody always says how shocking reality is. But it crushed on me and it was like, wuo, that what you really are reality? come on, hit me with your best shot. But it dont have nothing better to show me. And i realized how boring my reality became. I'm not gonna lie, i was expecting some more. But here we are now. reality is sitting in the corner of my bed looking me with sadness and im in the next room, looking at her emptyness. We are so sad for each other.

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Hola Terrícolas, me encanta leer sus comentarios, eviten los spoilers y sean respetuosos ♥ Me pasaré de vuelta a sus blogs a la brevedad :3