vacations and a bad rutine

miércoles, septiembre 22, 2010

i think than i am in a big troubles.
my mind play with me and i dont know what to think right now.. its like i want to do something but really i cant do this anymore..well now you believe that i`m going crazy.
I fell so lost lattely.. but now i am just confused who am i... thats the question of the day.
Oh my god!! you have to be kedding me, i gess its my nature!
my mom have some vacations and he goes to work after than me.
my dad its well the usual... my big sister its in class like always cause she doesn`t have any vacations.
and mmm... my fattie cat that does the things that always do SLEEP!
ohhh ufff ... my life its a mess...
i really want to be more active, but lattely i am so tired.. maby it is the exercises that sometimes i do.. but i really dont think so.
i am crazy isnt it?
I want to see my friends and hug them and play silly things with them and hear them.. whatever!
until i go to the school.. that vacations are going to be funny ... i hope that!

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Hola Terrícolas, me encanta leer sus comentarios, eviten los spoilers y sean respetuosos ♥ Me pasaré de vuelta a sus blogs a la brevedad :3