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domingo, noviembre 01, 2020


E.K.Woodcock  2020  125 págs.  #2 The best Draft Romance, New Adult.



Jen had a rough start of her adult life when she got pregnant and lost both her baby and her ex. But that was ten years ago. Now she pairs wine and food for parties for a living and love her life. It’s all about to get even better when she meets Jake at the Best Draft’s opening party. But when she loses her house in a fire, her world is turning upside down yet again.


Jake’s heart was broken when his fiancé left him at the alter with only a note on a cocktail napkin saying “I’m sorry, I can’t” Ever since that moment, he has a hard time trusting people. But when he meets Jen, he know she’s his soulmate. He offers her his guestroom for her to live in but he chides himself. Afterall, how could he live in the same space as someone who he thinks of every second of the day? And would she still want to live with him when she finds out more about him?


In order to move on, both Jen and Jake have to face their past. But when miscommunications lead to misunderstandings, Jen and Jake face even bigger challenges. Will they be able to fix this?


Hello Readers today this review will be a Little different as you can see (written in English) because this time it is a collaboration with an American author who contacted me to ask if I would like to read her recent novel “My red Vixen” which is a sequel of “A Cinderella Story”. She told me that I could enjoy this book without having read the first one because each book is about different couples so she tried to keep each of them as standalone as possible so I read this book with that in mind.

Let’s start with the review.


My Red Vixen tells the story of two broken souls who find each other and connects because of their situation, they fall in love and try to keep their ghosts apart, and the question is: ¿Will they be able to face their past and move on with this new opportunity in love?


As a first thing to say it would be a total mistake to sell this book as a standalone one, and I speak from my experience without having read the first one and I can tell there were many things I didn’t understand alongside with details I think I missed from the first book, details that would’ve made a huge difference on my perception of this book because I didn’t know how this people met, what they do for a living and on top of that this epilogue telling me that they've kissed each other, got me thinking just one thing as I was reading the book: WHAT AM I MISSING?


I know that the author thought that maybe selling this book as standalone ones would work because the couples are different but she missed the point that in this second book the love story had already started in the first one and you’re not reading two people meeting and starting their story from zero. This would’ve work if at least there was a prologue explaining the extra things we missed from the beginning and not starting with something as important as a kiss that happened before.


Now, with that being said let’s talk about the characters:


We have JEN who is a very strange girl in the beginning because her apartment burned down and instead of trying to seek a solution with the person she rented the place to, the firefighter or the building owner, she goes to a café to meet her friend and then tell her she’s homeless crying like the world just ended, honestly that was a little bit too much because WHO GOES TO A CAFE IN A MOMENT LIKE THAT? If that would’ve happened to me, I would’ve gone straight to my friend’s house or my family’s, but a Cafe would be the last option. Anyway, I think Jen’s personality is something I really liked, she’s very secure of herself, she knows what she wants and fight for it which is something I admire in a person, so reading her point of view wasn’t a nightmare.


On the other hand we have JAKE which is a coldblooded man with feelings, he went through something very sad so trusting women is something very hard for him, BUT that doesn’t apply much with Jen because she knows how to manage Jake and get closer to him. Jake was someone so sweet and gentle but he shutts everything he wanted to say because he’s scared of being hurt again and that pissed me of a lot because everything was so clear and he was so Blind! that got me on my nerve.


The love story even though I didn’t get to know it all, I liked it, it was very fresh and cliché which was exactly what I wanted to read, it was a very obvious story but I enjoyed it anyway, the only thing that I didn’t like much was that the “drama” didn't have enough consistance, every fight or ridiculous misunderstanding was solutionable and never got me thinking that they would not going to end up together.


I KNOW that maybe everythings I’m saying makes you think I didn’t like the book, but it did because for me it was the perfect timing to read something like this, I needed something lighter like this book. Maybe if I would’ve read this book in a different time I wouldn’t have liked it this way so, lucky I did it in the right time.


Thank you to E.K. Woodcock for giving me the chance to read your book, I hope you keep writing because your narrative skills are light and addictive, so I’m looking forward to read another of your books. (I have to read “A Cinderella story” to get my answers)


Rated: 2.5/5


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